xmonad-contrib- Community-maintained extensions for xmonad
Copyright(c) 2022 Martin Kozlovsky
LicenseBSD3-style (see LICENSE)
Portabilitynot portable
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




Ability to repeat the last action.



You can use this module with the following in your xmonad.hs:

import XMonad.Actions.RepeatAction

Then join a dedicated key to run the last action with the rest of your key bindings using the rememberActions:

rememberActions (modm, xK_period) [((modm, xK_c), kill), …]

It can be also used in the same way for XMonad.Util.EZConfig:

rememberActions "M-." [("M-c", kill), …]

For example, if you use additionalKeysP,

main = xmonad $ … $ def
 `additionalKeysP` myKeys

you would adjust the call to additionalKeysP like so:

`additionalKeysP` (rememberActions "M-." myKeys)

For more detailed instructions on editing your key bindings, see the tutorial.

rememberAction :: X () -> X () Source #

Transforms an action into an action that can be remembered and repeated.

rememberActions :: a -> [(a, X ())] -> [(a, X ())] infixl 4 Source #

Maps rememberAction over a list of key bindings and adds a dedicated key to repeat the last action.

repeatLast :: X () Source #

Runs the last remembered action. Be careful not to include this action in the remembered actions!