xmonad-contrib- Community-maintained extensions for xmonad
Copyright(c) 2021 Xiaokui Shu
LicenseBSD-style (see LICENSE)
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




Put XMonad actions in the queue to be executed in either the logHook or another hook of your choice.



This module provides a queue that, by default, gets executed every time the logHook runs. To use this module

  1. Enqueue `X ()` actions at the place you need; e.g.:
enqueue myAction
  1. Add the actionQueue combinator to your configuration:
main = xmonad $ actionQueue $ def
    { ... }

This will execute all of the actions in the queue (if any) every time the logHook runs. Developers of other extensions using this module should re-export actionQueue.

Alternatively, you can directly add exequeue to a hook of your choice. This is discouraged when writing user-facing modules, as (accidentally) adding exequeue to two different hooks might lead to undesirable behaviour. actionQueue uses the XMonad.Util.ExtensibleConf interface to circumvent this.

actionQueue :: XConfig l -> XConfig l Source #

Every time the logHook runs, execute all actions in the queue.

enqueue :: X () -> X () Source #

Enqueue an action.

exequeue :: X () Source #

Execute every action in the queue.