xmonad-contrib- Community-maintained extensions for xmonad
Copyright(c) Jan Vornberger 2009
LicenseBSD3-style (see LICENSE)
Portabilitynot portable
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



A layout in the spirit of XMonad.Layout.ResizableTile, but with the option to use the mouse to adjust the layout.



You can use this module with the following in your xmonad.hs:

import XMonad.Layout.MouseResizableTile

Then edit your layoutHook by adding the MouseResizableTile layout. Either in its normal form or the mirrored version. (The mirror layout modifier will not work correctly here because of the use of the mouse.)

myLayout = mouseResizableTile ||| etc..
main = xmonad def { layoutHook = myLayout }

For more detailed instructions on editing the layoutHook see the tutorial and XMonad.Doc.Extending.

You may also want to add the following key bindings:

, ((modm,               xK_u), sendMessage ShrinkSlave) -- %! Shrink a slave area
, ((modm,               xK_i), sendMessage ExpandSlave) -- %! Expand a slave area

For detailed instruction on editing the key binding see:

the tutorial.

mouseResizableTileMirrored :: MouseResizableTile a Source #

May be removed in favor of mouseResizableTile { isMirrored = True }


The following functions are also labels for updating the data (whose representation is otherwise hidden) produced by mouseResizableTile.


myLayout = mouseResizableTile{ masterFrac = 0.7,
                               fracIncrement = 0.05,
                               draggerType = BordersDragger }
               |||  etc..

nmaster :: MouseResizableTile a -> Int Source #

Get/set the number of windows in master pane (default: 1).

masterFrac :: MouseResizableTile a -> Rational Source #

Get/set the proportion of screen occupied by master pane (default: 1/2).

slaveFrac :: MouseResizableTile a -> Rational Source #

Get/set the proportion of remaining space in a column occupied by a slave window (default: 1/2).

fracIncrement :: MouseResizableTile a -> Rational Source #

Get/set the increment used when modifying masterFrac/slaveFrac by the Shrink, Expand, etc. messages (default: 3/100).

isMirrored :: MouseResizableTile a -> Bool Source #

Get/set whether the layout is mirrored (default: False).

draggerType :: MouseResizableTile a -> DraggerType Source #

Get/set dragger and gap dimensions (default: FixedDragger 6 6).

data DraggerType Source #

Specifies the size of the clickable area between windows.





no gaps, draggers overlap window borders